Hatz Biplane Association

Remembering Dudley Kelly

Dudley Kelly

It saddens me to have to report the passing of Dudley R. Kelly at the family home in Versailles, KY. on Friday, 20 September 1998. Mr. Kelly, in his eighties, died of natural causes. Dudley, an aeronautical engineer, drew the plans for the Hatz CB-1 which was designed by John Hatz. He later made a modified version of the Hatz, the Kelly-D, that was somewhat easier to build than the CB-1.
Dudley and his wife, Thelma, marketed the plans for the Hatz CB-1 and the Kelly D. Well over 700 sets of plans for the Hatz have been issued to date. Thelma Kelly will continue to market the plans as in the past. "I love hearing from all the builders, it's a kind of family to me," Thelma said.
We all owe a large debt of gratitude to Dudley for the drawings of
the Hatz CB-1. It would be extremely difficult to reproduce John's
design without them. We will miss you, Dudley.

-Lorin Wilkinson, American Hatz Association

To fly west my friend,
is a flight we all must make,
for our final check.
- anon