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What do you get when you join Hatz Biplane Association? You mean besides four quarterly issues per year of the best, most informative newsletters around? You mean besides one of the most outstanding aviation type-club websites on the Internet? Are you asking what besides being among the craziest, most active, most knowledgeable, and just plain nicest gaggle of Hatz Nutz on the planet? You mean even more than our annual fly-ins, seminars at EAA AirVenture, and gathering at Biplane Expo?

Well... not a whole bunch. Just the support for your project from nearly every Hatz and Kelly-D builder out there. Ya know, if you're going to build the finest personal biplane out there, why not be a part of the fine organization behind it: the Hatz Biplane Association!

The Hatz Biplane Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501c(3) corporation dedicated to the support and education of our members. Come on and join us. And if you're already a member, here's a reminder to renew your annual membership. It's all still only $20 per year!

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Donations to HBA

The Hatz Biplane Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501c(3) corporation dedicated to the support and education of our members. That means you can help keep HBA growing and active with a donation of any amount you wish to the HBA and it's tax-deductable.

That's right! Funds that will keep the organization going strong, letting us improve the work we're doing in supporting the builders--and it's all deductable on your Federal taxes! And in an volunteer organization like ours, where our overhead is so light, just about every dime of your money goes toward our goal of support and education.

So, please consider giving something extra through a donation to HBA. We'll mail you a letter of acknowledgement stating the amount and our heartfelt thanks for your generous donation.

Donations are just like altitude and runways... every little bit helps.

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Hatz Biplane Association Back-issue Newzletters

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The Hatz newzletter (1992 – 2005 issue #1) is available on CD-ROM. All issues from volume 1 number 1, through volume 14 number 1 are present, with many of the pages in full color. The newzletter is in Adobe PDF format and is displayed exactly like the original paper master from which it was scanned. All text, photos, and advertisements are here. The Hatz Biplane Association history and communal support is presented in detail. Research in topics of interest can be investigated through the word search capabilities imbedded in the PDF file. All 793 pages may be printed by the enthusiast (in color and/or black and white).

Computer requirements: CD-ROM drive and software to read the newzletter (PDF version 1.5). Software is freely available from (www.adobe.com). Adobe Reader version 4 works fine, though Adobe Reader version 5 or greater is recommended for word search capability.

Newzletter back-issues
Hatz Biplane Association Members price: CD-ROM $20.00 U.S. each
Nonmembers price: $40.00 US (CD-ROM and 1 year HBA membership)
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A complete set of Hatz CB-1 plans, as drawn by Dudley Kelly!

Your plans set will carry its own serial number and will include weight/balance calculations, flying wire dimensions, two full-scale wing rib template drawings, and more. Time to start building that Hatz!

$200.00 US each

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The "simpler Hatz", designed by Dudley Kelly. Without a centersection and with most of the curves squared-off, the Kelly-D is distinctive, yet flies much like the Hatz.

Your plans set will carry its own serial number and include all the information you'll need for that one-of-a-kind Kelly-D.

$150.00 US each
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How to Order

The HBA Store, where you can find everything Hatz and Kelly-D. We're doing this for fun and to raise a little money for the cause. All proceeds go directly to the HBA, not to me or anyone else. This way, we can keep doing what we're doing!

All prices include shipping, handling, and whatever else everyone else is charging you extra for. You pay the price you see.

It's an old fashion store for an old fashioned airplane.

Mail a list and a check

Just make a list of the items you want,
how many you want of each, add your address,
and mail it with your check to:

Hatz Biplane Association
1836 Elm Ave.
Canon City, CO 81212-4525

Make checks payable to: HATZ BIPLANE ASSOCIATION

Contact: Jim Pinkerton jpinkey75@gmail.com


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